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How to Know if a Tummy Tuck is Your Best Option

All About Tummy Tuck

If perhaps you have already tried stomach crunching and sit-up moves to get a flat belly but you are still unsuccessful, you should consider trying a tummy tuck instead. A cosmetic surgical procedure that aims at removing the excess flab from the abdominal area and tightens the abdominal muscles is called abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. Just like the other cosmetic procedures, there is no guarantee that the result of this procedure will be exactly the same as the other person having it. Since tummy tuck is not a weight loss measure, it should never be treated like one. For those people who have already exhausted all the possible options that they have in order to obtain a firm and toned up abdominal muscles and still did not get what they want, this procedure is their best option. For the reason that a tummy tuck is actually an invasive procedure, those who wants to go through it should educate themselves and understand the procedure well before making a final decision.

People Who are Qualified to Undergo Tummy Tuck
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A clean bill of health is the number one criteria for anyone that is considering to go through a tummy tuck procedure. Men and women that generally have a good physical condition are highly qualified for this type of procedure. Women who have delivered babies and are left with excessive abdominal skin sagging are the best candidates for tummy tucks. In addition, a tummy tuck is a great option for those people who have just recently lost a very large amount of weight and obtained a loose skin around their abdominal area that is unchanged by regular exercise.
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Certain Cases that Cannot Allow a Tummy Tuck Procedure

Undergoing a tummy tuck surgery is not advised for those people who have vascular and heart problems. If perhaps you have digestive problems, it can also affect your eligibility for tummy tuck procedure. Aside from that, people who are planning to lose some weight should defer their tummy tuck procedure until they are finish with their weight loss regimen. Since a tummy tuck is definitely not a fast solution to problems pertaining to weight loss, it should also not be used in cases wherein exercise and diet schedule provides you the result that you ought to have.

What You Should be Anticipating During and After a Tummy Tuck Procedure

Even though abdominoplasty makes use of a general anesthesia when it is performed, local anesthetics can also be used in some cases. The surgery typically last between 2 to 4 hours, but then the duration of the procedure will be longer if more fats and skin are removed.

Simply because a tummy tuck is a surgical procedure, people undergoing it should expect some swelling after the procedure.