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Ladies, Gentlemen, Allow Me to Introduce you to the New Volvo V90

You could tell the makings of a good car from the first time you lay your eyes on it. One drive and you could tell a lot about the car. Just from the outside you could tell that it is one of those serious cars. If you get the opportunity to have a peek you will be surprised that you hadn’t done it sooner. If you are after style and functionality then the Volvo V90 is the car for you. Inside your eyes are bound to pop of from the oh so-classy cabin features. The whole structure inside seduces you to just stay a little bit longer. You are rest assured of a tablet sized touch screen on the already wonderfully composition. The fun part is that this is just the beginning .

With a T8 twin engine I suggest you buckle up soon. You are getting real muscle with both electrical and gas charged motors. If the drive is not as tasking you could survive with power for a serious forty kilometers. If you are interested with over the top driving the option of using the two engines still stands all at a low fuel cost. This engine is just begging you to go for it. Yes, there is a Volvo on call app to help. If you want to heat or cool your engine, shut your doors or even track your car then with a Volvo on call up you are game. Everyone traveling with you including your wife will be grateful for the WI-FI. The fact that you get reports on attempted break-ins just goes out to prove that James Bond has nothing on you. Whether you are a ninja yourself or want to call the police that is left to you.

You want safety so you get safety with Volvo V90. You get what you pay for which happens to be three sixty degree angle camera with a bird eye view. They are located strategically in your door mirrors one on the front and the other at the rear a total of four. This gives you leverage if you are in a confined area with almost non- existent visibility. The parking problems that you have had for sometime are not your problem anymore. If you have the accelerator and break in check then parking in whatever form whether perpendicular or parallel is possible courtesy of the pilot pack assist.

You get Sensus Navigation systems too. What this means is that you can give commands to you car , get information on parking spaces and information on traffic on alternative routes. It has an app that allows you to give information on your location to friends. For the great fulfillment of your music needs the Volvo V90 presents to you the Bowers and Wilkins Systems.

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